Fundraiser for Injured Sikeston Teen

Fundraiser for Injured Sikeston Teen
By: Wendy Ray

A Sikeston teen is back to school this week after an accident almost took her life nearly two months ago. She's still struggling to get better, but it's amazing how far she's already come.

16 year old Kasey Holifield's life changed on September 25th. She was in an accident and she doesn't remember anything about it. "The people behind me say I just passed out up against the door and I went into the other lane. There was someone in the grass in the other lane and they tried to avoid me, but we hit head on," Kasey says.

Doctors still don't know why Kasey passed out that day. She was flown to a St. Louis hospital with extensive injuries. "I had three broken toes, a fracture in my leg, my femur came out of my leg and a metal rod was put in. My right arm, a bone broke and a rod was put in, two ribs were hurt, my collarbone, two bones in the back of my neck had micro fractures, my lungs collapsed, my spleen had been lacerated," she says. Kasey remembers when she woke up in the hospital. "Probably two to three weeks after. I was not in the ICU anymore at Barnes," Kasey says.

Kasey's had a lot of physical therapy and she's still going through it now. She'll have to be in a wheelchair at least two more months, but she is getting better. Wednesday marked her first day back to classes at Sikeston High School. "I always worry about my friends now. I just encourage them to not be stupid, don't drink and drive. I wasn't doing anything. I just passed out and I had this wreck."

There is a benefit for Kasey this Saturday, November 19th, at the National Guard Armory in Sikeston. The benefit is from 1:00 PM to 9:00 p.m. and will include several activities, including an auction and concert. Tickets are $7.00 at the door.