Hair Off Facial Buffer

Would you be brave enough to rub an emery board on your face to remove unwanted hair? Considering women rip hair out by the roots, maybe it's not so bad! We test the Hair-Off Facial Buffer for this "Does it Work" story.

"Gently buff away facial hair instantly," Mary Campbell reads out loud. "No pain, no chemicals no mess. Sounds good doesn't it? If it really works!"

Mary Campbell isn't afraid to show us the hair on her upper lip, a persistent problem plaguing many of us. She's tried removing it several different ways, and willingly tries something she's never heard of before, the Hair-Off Facial Buffer.

"It's kind of like an emery board," she describes. "Kind of like when you use those cleansing creams. An exfoliate? Yea."

Special paper pads with a Silcoat topping promise to grind away hair. Just rub in small circles, switching directions.

"There, it's taking some of it off," says Mary as she buffs her lip. "You can actually see that it is taking it off!"

In less than a minute, Mary has her lip smooth.

"I'm really impressed with it," she says. "It's a lot smoother. The hair is actually gone. I will have to put a little cream on it. It's stinging a little bit."

Mary admits she probably pressed harder than necessary, trying to give it a fair test. "Next time I won't have to press as hard, so I won't have redness or roughness," she says.

She circles it over her chin a few times, and her fine hair is whisked away. But it doesn't say how long it'll stay gone.

The Facial Buffer claims your hair re growth appears slower and less noticeable with repeat use. We haven't had time to prove that, yet. But it does remove facial hair. And for that, the Hair-Off Facial Buffer gets and 'A.' Just don't expect it to be precise enough to barely thin your eyebrows. You can buy facial buffer at most discount stores for less than $5.