Beatle Bed and Breakfast Up for Sale

Beatle Bed and Breakfast Up for Sale
By:  Carly O'Keefe
Benton, IL -- You can't buy me love, but you can buy the "Hard Days Nite" Bed and Breakfast in Benton, Illinois.  It's the former home of the sister of Beatle George Harrison. An aging Benton couple owns the mini-museum and bed and breakfast and hope the home and buyer will soon "come together". 
Connie and Dorothy Schultz tried selling the historic home on E-bay but didn't have any luck finding a high bidder. 
"We got up into the $60,000 range, which is much too low for a house like this, and the one next door," Connie said.
The Schultz's have been part owners of the "Hard Days Nite" for ten years.  Now they say it's time to get out of the Beatle business and onto retirement. 
"The reason we'd like to sell it as soon as possible is well--some people count years...When you're 77, every day is a miracle," Connie said.
Now the couple is taking the bed and breakfast museum off the cyber market and putting it on the real estate market, in hopes of finding a Beatles fan, or a couple of Beatles fans to keep the "Hard Days Nite" open "Eight Days a Week".
"If they just wan to turn it into a house, I think the George Harrison legend here in Benton will just fade away. I think this house is the root of the whole thing. This is where he was," said Dorothy.
Connie and Dorothy say they're willing to wait a while to find a Beatle-loving buyer, but eventually they want to retire, and may have to sell the property any way they can. If that's the case, the Beatles memorabilia inside would be returned to the donors.  
"They would be deprived of a place to show their treasures and the fans would not have a place to come to see things you can't see every day," said Connie.
The couple hope just the right buyer will come along soon to keep the Beatle bed and breakfast and Benton's tie to George Harrison alive. 
"I hope someone wants to make something of it, someone who appreciates the Beatles. Because there are an awful lot of fans out there. A lot of fans," Dorothy said.