Going from Adult Business to Religious Business

Going from Adult Business to Religious Business
By: Holly Brantley

DEXTER, MO - A Southeast Missouri Business is undergoing quite a face-lift. And, it’s taking more than finances to turn what was once an adult business into a Bible and bridal store. The owner is taking a leap of faith.

What was once Erotic Temptations will soon become Heavens Grace Bible, Bridal and Lace. It’s a change symbolic of how tragedy turned into a blessing. And, a couple turned their lives over to God.

“This little bitty spot is where his head was, there must have been angels around him, otherwise there’s no way two men could have walked away from this truck with as little injuries as he had.” Sue Tinsley is describing the wreckage of what was her fiance’s truck. Sue says it must have taken a miracle for D.J. Robinson to walk away from the car accident that happened in late September.

Little did the couple know, the events would change their lives. It was a close call that would reunite the couple with God.

“He said God saved him for a reason,” said Tinsley. “I told him that he needed to straighten out his life and read his Bible. He said he couldn't find it. I told him I would buy him one.”
Tinsley decided she needed to straighten out her life too. So, she would close the doors on her adult business and put her faith in God. Soon, she would learn a friend’s Christian bookstore was about to close.

“It was like God tapped me on the shoulder and I decided to buy her out,” said Tinsley.

It wasn't long before D.J. would reconnect with an old friend, Rev. Marty Bryant. Together the three of them would come up with a vision to close the doors on Erotic Temptations and reopen as Christian store in the very same building.

Tinsley boxed up the adult novelties to be burned. In the meantime, Rev. Bryant is asking the Christian community to show support by donating to the new Bible and bridal store. That way Tinsley can survive without passing on the adult merchandise.

“The day we closed, it was awesome,” said Tinsley. “It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

No matter what, the couple says they will continue to rely on their faith.

If you would like to help, you can send donations to:

Heavens Grace Bible, Bridal and Lace
25 N. Walnut
Dexter, MO 63960


Greater Vision Worship Center
Box 279
Puxico, MO 63930