Hair-Off Mitten

No stubble, no odor, no nicks. The Hair-Off Mitten is a little pocket of paper that fits over your fingers. It's made to massage away unwanted hair.

"It's sandpaper!"laughs Andrea Essner. "Ha! I can get that in my dad's shop!"

Directions say to rub in small circles, one direction and then the other. It warns against stroking straight up and down, and using too much pressure. "Caution!"Andrea reads the instructions. "Excessive rubbing may cause abrasions to your skin. Please use carefully."

Andrea let the hair on her legs grow, to give the Hair Mitten a true test. "It doesn't hurt at all," Andrea describes as she scrubs her legs. "It's like rubbing a piece of paper over your skin."

It's time to see if her skepticism is warranted. "Hey!" Andrea exclaims! "It did work! Oh my God!" To make sure it's not just a fluke, Andrea switches legs and tries again.

"Hey, it working even better on this one!" she says. "I think it's because I'm pushing harder. At first, Ii was afraid it was going to rip my skin off, or something!" You can get the Hair Mitten at discount stores for less than $5.00.

You do want to make sure your skin is well moisturized first. And you probably still need to moisturize after using the Hair Mitten. It got Andrea's calves as smooth as if she'd used a razor. But is it really more convenient than shaving in the shower? That all depends on your personal preference.

"But you see, I have a problem that where I always cut myself whenever I shave," says Andrea. "Everyone makes fun of me! I have scars all over my leg, so maybe this is the better alternative for me!"

Andrea points out bony areas where the Hair Mitten falls a little short -- her knees and ankles where hair is sparser to start with. But overall, she's smitten with the mitten. "I can't believe this thing actually worked!"

That it did! So the Hair-Off Hair Mitten earns an 'A.'