Tornado Tears Through Kentucky

Tornado Tears Through Kentucky
By: Carly O'Keefe

MATTOON, KY --Mother Nature's wrath hit some families in the Heartland. Crittenden County Emergency Management officials assessed damage on six homes throughout the county. Two of those homes were destroyed. Five Crittenden County residents were taken to the hospital for injuries, one woman was airlifted to an Evansville hospital with head injuries.

The National Weather Service investigated the storm. A preliminary report lists an F2 tornado with maximum winds of up to 140 miles per hour as the cause of the Crittenden County damage.
County Emergency Management officials say a home along Highway 365 in Mattoon received the most damage. Three of the five injured people were asleep in the home when the tornado hit. Family members say Annie Girten, John Rich and Bob Rich live in the home. Girten and John Rich were reportedly thrown from a second-story bedroom when the tornado ripped the home apart.  
Family and friends helped sort through the rubble Sunday. Looking at what was left of the home, many said it's incredible all three made it out alive.
"It's amazing what mother nature can do, especially when you least expect it, they just got lucky," said Brandon Girten, Girten's brother.
Emergency Management officials say folks in the county were expecting some sort of severe weather, but the tornado caught them all off-guard. The last large tornado in Crittenden County to cause such severe damage was in January 2000.