Oran Storms

Oran Storms
By: CJ Cassidy

ORAN, MO --People in parts of the Heartland count their blessings, thankful the bad weather did not claim any lives. In Southeast Missouri, Scott and Ripley counties saw the most damage, after heavy winds ripped through leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

As folks in Oran, Missouri worked on cleaning up the mess mother nature left behind, they recalled their fears from the night before.
"It sounded like a freight train going through," one man says.
Another man, Van McConnell, didn't wait for daylight to figure out the damage to his property.
"I got a flashlight out and looked around as best as I could, and found my trampoline up in a tree and all this damage," he says.
McConell's neighbor, Bill Hudgens, found his pickup truck crushed under a tree, when he arrived home early Sunday.
As the men took in the uprooted trees, and scattered debris.. they're convinced heavy winds weren't the only driving force here.
"It seems like a small tornado came over. The leaves are gone off the tops of trees, and leaves are going in different directions," Hudgens says. "The experts say it was straight line winds but I can't understand how a straight wind would take the stuff that way."
Still, as the death toll from a tornado continues to rise just a few hours away, in Kentucky and Indiana, folks in Oran say they're counting their blessings, grateful they were spared from tragedy.
Initial damage estimates in Oran add up to hundreds of dollars.
We'll keep you posted on what experts with the National Weather Service have to say about what happened there.

Meanwhile, the Ripley County Sheriff's Department also confirms heavy damage to a barn, boat and out-building.  We're also told several trees were uprooted in the area.