"Killshot" Movie Makers Looking for Extras

"Killshot" Movie Makers Looking for Extras
By: Holly Brantley
Cape Girardeau, MO - The Heartland will soon rub elbows with Hollywood stars. Filming of the major motion picture “Killshot” starts in Cape Girardeau next month. The film is based on the Elmore Leonard novel.
Part of the novel is set inCape and casting directors are looking for some local help.

Hollywood hopes to find about 100 extras for the movie right here in the Heartland. Filmmakers are also looking for several production assistants. But, it’s a little tougher to land that job and experience counts.

Friday, Jerry Jones of the Missouri Film Commission was on hand at Southeast Missouri State University to take resumes from video production students who are qualified to apply for jobs as production assistants.
“That could be anything from bringing people food to crowd control, to holding something for Diane Lane. Who knows,” said Senior Production Student, Patty Lasher.

Diane Lane and Johnny Knoxville are two stars who have signed on to star in the film.

Ryan Maurer agrees, the job is a once in a lifetime opportunity. “I mean if they need me to run across town fifteen times a day to Kentucky Fried Chicken, if they need me to get coffee, that’s what I’ll do,” said Maurer.

“A production assistant job is a little more specialized,” Jerry Jones said.
Students hope a job on the set of "Killshot" might open doors for future career opportunities. “That really has the potential for networking,” said James Grim. “You know in show bix it’s as much about who you know as what you know.”
But, if you don’t have production experience, don’t worry. Anybody can be an extra.
You just need to apply and be selected. Starting November 8th, applications will be available at Cape Public Library and the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau.
You can also fill out an application online by logging on to the Missouri Film Commission at www.mofilm.org.