Middle School Meth Club

Middle School Meth Club
By: Lauren Keith
Jonesboro, IL - Methamphetamine continues to be one of the worst drug problems Heartland police officers say they've ever seen, and now the fight to stop it has reached schools - maybe even your children. There’s even a new club for this purpose. It's called the "Meth Awareness Team".

Students who belong to this teach their peers about the dangers of Methamphetamine. Their instructors say the formation of this club just goes to show you how serious the meth problem really is in the Heartland. Before these seventh and eighth graders joined the Meth Awareness Team at Jonesboro school, they didn't know a lot of details about meth, but they knew this, "It ruins your life," says eighth grader, Josh Kelley, a member of the team.

That's also the message the team spreads, as they present a power point presentation to other students and to service organizations throughout Union county. The students meet weekly, research the meth epidemic, and find ways they can beat it, like putting up posters around school, and, simply, talking about it.

"A lot of people do it, and it's just really bad. It has a lot of affects," says Kelley.

The physical education teachers oversee the team, and Mr. Lehr says he's a bit shocked that drug education in schools now centers around such a specific drug. However, he knows that's because meth abuse affects more than just the user.

"Families start and pass it down through each generation and if we can break the chain, break the cycle, we can prevent meth being produced in our county and communities and keep everyone safer," said Tex Lehr, co-sponsor of the group.

The kids and two Physical Education teachers meet on their own free time and tell me they're very dedicated to stopping meth in southern Illinois.