Making Heartland Buildings Earthquake Ready

Making Heartland Buildings Earthquake Ready
By: Ryan Tate
New building on some Heartland University Campuses are designed with more in mind that just Internet access and classroom size. They are also designed with the New Madrid Fault in mind.
The fault runs about 150 miles from Arkansas to Southern Illinois, and was the site of three major earthquakes in 1811 and 1812. Many forecasters believe another major earthquake is on the way for the region, so engineers design the new structures to withstand a large magnitude quake.
Three newer buildings on Southeast Missouri State University's Campus, the Show-Me Center, the Polytechnic building and New Hall are designed to withstand an earthquake. As are the new buildings on the River Campus, the new facilities that are scheduled to open in two years.
"The foundations are much wider, the steel is stronger in order to take those earthquake accelerations and vibrations," Scott Meyer said. Meyer is the Facilities Management Director at Southeast Missouri State.
Similar work is being done at Southern Illinois University. The new student health center, which is opening soon, is designed to be earthquake-resistant. According to a school spokesperson, the building will also an emergency operations hub in case of an earthquake.