Police Use Deadly Force

Police Use Deadly Force
By: Arnold Wyrick
Marion, IL - What started out as domestic violence call around 9 o'clock Wednesday evening for Marion police, ends when one officer shoots 35-year-old Russell Campbell. Campbell's family tells Heartland News their son was holding knives in his hands when he entered their living room where police were standing.
"And I had my hand on his shoulder telling him to just sit down and relax, and let them talk to him. Well they screamed at me to move, well that didn't register at first. So I took one step back and when I did the police officer over there shot him twice, and he fell right at my feet," says Paulette Campbell.
The Campbell's say the officers never even tried to talk to their son, and instead drew their weapons immediately.
"I was standing right there next to the two officers by the doorway. And the other one was standing back over there in that area across the living room. And I thought that when I heard the shots, I thought it was a stun gun. When I saw my son fall, and then my wife started screaming and she saw the blood," says Bill Campbell.
Meanwhile the Illinois State Police are investigating the shooting.
"Officers gave him commands to put those knives down and he didn't do that, he didn't comply," says Master Sergeant Stan Diggs.
When questioned if the officers were ever threatened by Campbell, or anyone else in the house that would warrant the use of deadly force, Master Sergeant Diggs replied.
"At this point and time yes he did."
That response brought some very emotionally reactions from Campbell's family who had gathered at the Marion City Hall for Thursday afternoons news conference.
"My brother died at my mothers feet last night by your officer. Mace could've been used why wasn't it used. How do you bury a brother? How does my mother bury her son?" asked Campbell's sister.
"We understand that the family is very upset about what happened, it's a very tragic incident. Again we're not ready to comment on what the family is asking us about," Master Sergeant Diggs said.
Campbell's mother wiped away her tears as she questioned why police choose to kill her son.
"If they had to shoot him why didn't they shoot him in the arm, or the leg, or the hand. Why did they have to shoot him to kill him?"
The Marion police officer who shoot Russell Campbell has been placed on paid administrative leave, and will under go counseling while the investigation into the shooting continues.