City Alderman Shoots Dog

City Alderman Shoots Dog
By: CJ Cassidy

ity leader finds himself in trouble with the law
, a
s he admits to shooting and killing someone's pet.

Police arrested 60-year-old Larry Watkins soon after the incident happened.

Larry Watkins tells me the dog he killed, and two other dogs had been hanging around his house for a couple of weeks.

He claims he called animal control officers, but when no help came, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"They don't do nothing so yeah yeah I shot the damn thing right there on my back porch," Larry Watkins raises Rottweilers, away from his duties as City Alderman.

He says he did not want this toy Doberman, or any others around his dogs.

"For about the last two weeks personally I guess you could say I got three big dogs when I pulled in the driveway sit there gnawing at me," Watkins says.

"The suspect stated he did have a female dog who was in heat," Detective Trevor Pulley with the Dexter Police Department says.

The dog's owner says he never let his two year old pet out of his sight. Edward Mims says he named his pooch Boss because he was such a big part of his life.
Mims says Boss weighed about fifteen pounds and would not have done any harm to anybody.

"I have a pet myself in order to take an animal's life like that especially in the city they better be causing some type of danger to someone else or themselves," Cpl. Wes Warrick with the Dexter Police Department says.

nvestigators also say
atkins could have hurt someone else.


ith the rifle that was used that was a residential neighborhood area he was aiming at a lot of children playing in the area
," Warrick says.

Still, Dexter's M
ayor tells me he doesn't think the charges are serious enough to call for
atkins to resign his position as an elected official.


. I
love animals
, but
you would do it too anybody would do it
," Watkins says.


eighbors say they're shocked, someone would actually shoot a dog.

atkins faces three criminal charges for the shooting.

hey include
animal abuse, firing a weapon within city limits and the unlawful use of a weapon.