Heartland Bison

Heartland Bison
By:  Jason Lindsey


Cobden, IL -- Bison farms are heading east and right into the Heartland.  There are at least 40 in the state of Illinois and 4,000 around the country.


According to the Bison Association, buffalo meat has a third less fat compared to beef and that's why more and more bison farms are popping up in the Heartland and around the nation.


In Cobden, Illinois Clifton and Kim Howell have more than 250 bison that calls the Howell's 800 acre Bison Bluff Farm home.


The Howell's say they are not getting rich, but they are enjoying being out with the buffalo. 


If you want to get an up close look at the bison the Howell's give buffalo tours.  You can make an appointment by calling 1-618-893-4959.