KFC Employee Fights off Alleged Robber

KFC Employee Fights off Alleged Robber
By: Ryan Tate

Cape Girardeau, MO - 18-year-old Charles Williams sits in a Cape Girardeau County jail for allegedly trying to rob the Cape Kentucky Fried Chicken at knife point.

Police caught Williams shortly after he ran out of the restaurant at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. He left with no money. That is because Sheila Upchurch would not give him any.
According to Upchurch, Williams walked into the K.F.C. around 9:15 looking to use the bathroom. Five minutes later, Williams walked out with a bandana over his face, and a knife in his hand. He grabbed one of the two employees there at the time, put the knife to her neck and demanded money.
"I knew no matter what I did he would probably kill us or hurt Irma [the other employee]," Upchurch said. So she started screaming at Williams, trying to get his attention away from her coworker and put it on her.
It worked, but Upchurch found herself with a knife to her throat.
"I started fighting him. I tried to push his arms away from me, and in doing that the knife broke," Upchurch said. Upchurch said Williams kept hitting her, and then ran for the door.
Upchurch says her coworker Anthony Brown ran after Williams, and police eventually caught the 18 year old a short time later. Prosecutors filed Williams with five charges, including assault and robbery. His bond is set for $100,000.
"You cannot be afraid. I fought back and no one should be afraid."