School Cameras Capture Halloween Vandals

School Cameras Capture Halloween Vandals
By: Arnold Wyrick
Harrisburg, IL - It wasn't ghost and goblins running around the hallways of the Harrisburg High School on Halloween night. Instead, police say some spray painting vandals were. And the schools security cameras caught it all on tape.
"We're still investigating it, and reviewing some of our video tapes. That's an example of where they are very beneficial. It was a time of night when no one was in the building. But we can rely on that," says Assistant Principal Randy Smithpeters.
It took school janitors a could of hours to scrub off all the obscenities and graffiti from the outside of the building and repaint the lockers where the vandals left their marks.
Assistant Principal Smithpeters tells Heartland News the school cameras have helped them solve some mysteries in the past.
"The hallways are monitored because a lot of situations happen in the hallways. And a teacher maybe near by, but not close enough to see exactly what's going on. You can see the image of what happened. And not rely upon the descriptions of different people. So they've been very helpful in many situations."
And now Harrisburg police are using the images recorded from the cameras on Halloween night to track down the suspects.
"We don't have a security person here after hours. So we can use that, that's a definite help," Smithpeters said.
The cameras show the suspects entering the building around three am, and captured their every move as they made their way through the hallways spray painting lockers, window frames, and some school art work.
"If these individuals are students they will face disciplinary action from the school board, and criminal charges," Smithpeters said.
The Harrisburg police aren't releasing any information about who they've identified as suspects in the spray painting incident at the school. But did say their investigation is ongoing at this time.