Hyperspeed Your Downloads

Getting online in the Heartland isn't like New York city, or St. Louis, or any major metro area --  your choices for a fast connection are dismal.  Cable modems and DSL through the phone company seems to also be limited. So the only other true fast internet connection is available through --  a dish. The internet revolution *is* happening, just at a slower pace in some parts of the country.   If you're tired of waiting for the potential of the internet to come home to you....then you may want to ask a satellite installer to pay you a visit.  "This is primarily for people who are not going to ever have broadband available to them through cable or the phone company.  That means the great mass of people in rural america where it's not profitable for cable to run a line out there, or even the phone srvice to run the dsl out there," says Dave Michel, owner of Down-To-Earth Satellite Systems in Cape Girardeau.  Satellite offers one irrefutable promise:  speedy, and we mean speedy, downloads. "...and the 50k regular phone modem, dial-up, always used it, took  hours and 15 inutes to download this particular file -- the Starband took 6 minutes," says Michel in describing the comparative speeds of modems versus satellite.  Starband is one of the brands Dave sells and installs for people who have a need for speed...Starband has an agreement with the dish network, so you can also have satellite tv installed through the same dish as your internet service.  If you're thinking you could maybe install your dish by yourself, you may want to reconsider...first of all it's dangerous, secondly it's tricky, and thirdly, the company may not honor the warranty.  Dave says he can hardly keep up with the orders that keep coming in, and the new systems don't have the disadvantage that old ones did where you had to use your phone modem for uploading.  "This is actually no phone connection whatsoever.  It is using the satellite both ways," says Michel.  Installation of a satellite system can run you anywhere from $150 up to $700 depending on what brand you get, and who installs it.   Regardless, your best buy is the deal that delivers tv channels as well as  internet service.