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Stoddard County, MO

Jailer Behind Bars

Jailer Behind Bars
By CJ Cassidy

It's a problem the Stoddard County Sheriff never expected to deal with.

But as soon as allegations about his head jailer surfaced, Sheriff Carl Hefner says he asked the Missouri Highway Patrol to investigate.

Now 51-year-old David Currie of Dexter, faces four counts of distribution of a controlled substance.

Currie admitted to police he gave prescription medicines to some inmates, along with alcohol and tobacco. According to police reports, he explains he wanted to "keep problems down inside the jail."

He also said he never got anything in return, but the girls would on occasion "flash him by pulling up their shirts and rubbing up against him."

"I believed he was a good person and a good jail administrator and naturally it's a disappointment to all of us," Sheriff Hefner says. The Sheriff didn't share Currie's mug shot with us, for security reasons.

Currie now sits behind bars in another county.

Highway Patrol investigators came across many female inmates who admitted Currie provided them with drugs not prescribed to them.

One inmate even told officers Currie "brought some Crown Royal Whiskey and some Vodka to the female inmates cell and let the girls have a party."

Sheriff Hefner says he and his deputies put their lives on the line everyday to make sure people aren't breaking the law on the streets, and he's certainly not going to tolerate it inside his jail.

"We are going to make sure all of the medication will be in bubble packs. That way there's a running count of every pill in that bubble pack," he says.

The Sheriff also hopes to add another camera to monitor the only area in the jail without one, the booking room, where the in-appropriate contact allegedly took place.

Despite the problems, folks we talked with in Stoddard County say they're happy to see a Sheriff who's facing problems head on.

"He does a very good job in this county, and I think hes doing a good job upholding the law," one woman told us.

The sheriff has also made contact with some local hospitals to see if they can get medical professionals to come in and hand out prescription medications.

Meanwhile, David Currie is being held on $ 50,000 bond, and the investigation continues.

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