Dexter Child Molestation Case

Dexter Child Molestation Case
By:  CJ Cassidy
Dexter, MO -- How would you feel if police accused someone you love of preying on children?
Dexter police arrested 43-year-old Randy Parnell for allegedly molesting two young children over several years.
They also found dozens of pictures and movies involving child pornography in his home.
Investigators say the young victims told their parents, who then called police.
But despite the victims' accounts, and the large amount of child porn police found at the suspect's home, Randy Parnell's fiancee claims she doesn't believe he would ever hurt a child.
"I've noticed when he's around kids he's happier," Kathy Miller says. She admits her fiancee may have had some problems, but doesn't believe he's a child molestor.
"Why can't they get me if they get Randy, I was in bed sleeping why can't they put me behind bars just like they put him behind bars - I'm just as guilty as he is if I was in the house night it happened," Miller says.
Police say Parnell molested two young children, under the age of ten over several years, and even showed them pictures from his collection of pornography.
"We seized approximately105 DVDs and CDs, and found a large amount of adult porn and large amount of child porn, that he had downloaded," police say.
Detective Trevor Pulley worked on sorting through photographs and movies of child victims, police found in Parnell's home, Pulley says most of the pictures are graphic, and explicit, even to a seasoned investigator.
"After seeing thousands and thousands and thousands of pictures on one computer it just becomes a pitcure but it's actually not, because everytime someone views pictire again it victimizes that child again," Pulley says.
But Miller still claims she' have to see those pictures, before she gives up on her fiancee.
"I think Randy's been molested as a child I think Randy needs help," she says.
Randy Parnell faces first degree child molestation charges, and could also face more charges.
Police say the child victims are getting help from counselors.
So far investigators do not believe any local children were used in the child pornography.