Missing New Madrid County Woman

Missing New Madrid County Woman
By:  CJ Cassidy
New Madrid, MO -- New details on the search for a missing Parma woman.
New Madrid County Police began looking for 35-year-old Christy Ramsey last week, three weeks after she disappeared.
During the investigation, deputies discovered the last people to have seen Ramsey may be the same suspects involved in a major gas station scam.
Investigators say they're closer to solving the puzzle today than they were yesterday, after staying on the case around the clock and using some high tech tools.
That's comforting to know, because you never know when someone you care about, could disappear like Christie Ramsey did.
Deputy Jason Ward pointed out a scam suspect on surveillance video from a convenience store.
He says the woman talking to the cashier has long, bright red hair, and is very pale.
Here's how investigators say the scam worked.
One of the five would buy a product like an LED light bulb at a truck stop, and then allegedly steal more of the same.
Police say the scammers also got extra receipts, so they could then return all the stolen goods and walk away with a refund.
"According to the information we have, from interviews the suspects were running the scam from as far North as St. Louis to as far South as Memphis," Ward says, adding he doesn't know just how many other stations may have fallen victim to the scammers.
Despite the scam being played up and down the interstate however, Ward says all he really wants is to bring Christy Ramsey home.
"This isn't your normal missing person, where the person doesn't want to be found," he says.
Investigators say the five persons of interest in Ramsey's disappearance include two black men and two white men.
Police say they have been spotted in a 1977 Chevy truck and also a metallic blue Volvo station wagon with tinted windows, and both vehicles were said to have Tennesee plates.
If you have any information you think might help, please call the police nearest you, or the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department at 573-748-2516.