A Dollar for Dawn

A Dollar for Dawn
By: Wendy Ray

FREDERICKTOWN, MO --An unfortunate update Tuesday, to a story we've been following for more than three years.

34-year old Dawn Whitworth of Fredericktown lost her battle with cancer a week ago Tuesday. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2002. T
he cancer spread into her bones. When we met with Dawn again in August of this year she had been given six months to live. Dawn's last wish was to go to Disney World with her husband and their two young daughters. She passed away a day before they were supposed to leave. The Dream Foundation will no longer fund the trip, but Dawn's husband is determined to take their daughters. Now friends in Fredericktown are doing everything they can to make Dawn's last wish come true.

Home health nurses Cindy McCarver and Lisa Brewington took care of Dawn in her last weeks of life. They were there when Dawn told her eight and nine year daughters they were going to Disney World. They were also there when dawn took a turn for the worse. "Dwayne made a promise to Dawn, Dawn I promise you I'll take these girls to Disney World and I'll take care of them," Cindy says.

Now Cindy and Lisa, along with the help of several businesses in Fredericktown, are making it their mission to send Dawn's family to Disney World. They're calling it "A Dollar for Dawn." "We can all afford a dollar. I thought we can make that wish come true, we can send them to DisneyWorld if we donate money," Lisa says.

A donation of three plane tickets came in the first day of the fundraiser. Cindy and Lisa are confident they'll raise the five thousand dollars needed for the trip. "We want to do it by Christmas. We know their first Christmas without their mom is going to be hard, we want them to have something to look forward to," Lisa says. "Being an outsider watching the love and compassion shared during the last moments of life. We believe Dwayne needs to make that promise. I'm going to try everything I can to help him," Cindy says.

You can donate to "A Dollar for Dawn" at the Sun Security Bank in Fredericktown.