Underage Drinkers Injure Baby

Underage Drinkers Injure Baby


DOWELL, IL -- Jackson County authorities are investigating some serious injuries to a two-week-old boy.  Officers say the boy's grandmother called police around 1:40 Saturday morning.  She said the baby had been injured at a home in Dowell during a party with underage drinkers and a pair of those alleged drinkers is the baby's teenage parents.

Authorities are withholding the names of baby's parents because they're both minors, just 17 years old.  They along with others at the party have been charged with underage consumption of alcohol.  They weren't taken to jail, just cited and given court notices.

However, Dave Nichols with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department says the investigation in the small town of Dowell isn't over, the department is conducting witness interviews this weekend and more charges are possible.

Jackson County, Dowell Police, and the Department of Child and Family Services are working to determine whether the baby's injuries were purposefully inflicted, or whether they happened accidentally.

Family members took the two week old to Marshall Browning Hospital in DuQuoin, he was then air lifted to Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis where authorities say he's still being treated for head injuries.

Nichols says all aspects of this case are under investigation, not only into the cause of injury, but also into how a group of minors came into possession of alcohol in the first place.

Nichols tells Heartland News the names of the teenage parents and anyone else involved will be released if the investigation leads to more serious charges involving the baby's injury.

For now, the two-week-old remains hospitalized in St. Louis and the Department of Child and Family Services has taken custody of him while the investigation is ongoing.