Cardinals Fans Hope Superstitions Pay Off

Cardinals Fans Hope Superstitions Pay Off
By:  Lauren Keith
Cape Girardeau, MO -- Fans at a Cape Girardeau doctors' office hope their superstitions pay off for the St. Louis Cardinals. When one of the RN's came up with the idea for Cardinal shirt day, the 18 staff members truly rallied, and they didn't stop at just wearing red t-shirts.
"I've always been a huge Cardinals fan and when they won the other night, I couldn't hardly sleep!  It was so fun, so I knew we were all fans here, too.  When I walked in, it just came to me.  We have to do something for the Cardinals!" said Cindy McKinney, an RN from Gastrointerology Associates.
Besides wearing all kinds of different Cardinals shirts, staff at this office also put on special Cards earrings.  They carried custom-made purses… and, that's not all!  They also bought so many of Cardinals “Mardi Gras” style necklaces, a local grocery store almost ran out!  The staff hopes all of this red will serve as good luck token for their team, but one thing's for sure.  It's certainly the topic of conversation around here...
"I think they're a little surprised to see all of in Cardinal gear!  I went to another doctor’s office to trade records and they said, ‘Hey, you can’t wear that, it’s not casual Friday! I think they wished they had put on the red, too!" says office manager Robin Crocetti.  
Patients are also especially surprised when the doc walks in, too.  Dr. Mike Freeman sported a bright red Cards t-shirt under his professional white coat. 
"Going really well, we're having fun with it!" said Dr. Freeman.
Here's another example of just how much the staff loves their Cardinals.  They always turn on the games at work, and they talk about it the next day, if the Cards play a night game.  By the way, Dr. Freeman says his patients were surprised to see him wearing "red" today.  Usually, every “casual Friday”, Dr. Freeman wears "orange" in favor the Tennessee Volunteers football team!!!