Lucky Places to Buy Lottery Tickets

Lucky Places to Buy Lottery Tickets
By:  Ryan Tate
Cape Girardeau, MO -- With "Powerball" exceeding 340 million dollars, many people were hoping their lucky numbers made them instant millionaires. That means they use lucky numbers like birthdays, addresses and phone numbers to fill their tickets.
Some people do not care what the numbers are, they have lucky places to buy their tickets. One of those places is in Aurora, KY. Back in 2002, a cashier at the Aurora General Store sold a customer a winning 14 million dollar ticket. According to the owner of the store, 30 to 40 people walked into the store Wednesday to buy a "Powerball" ticket, because the store was lucky in the past.
It is a similar story in Jackson.
Back in 2003, John and Bev Gibson bought a winning $4.3 Million ticket at the Jackson "County-Mart."
That is enough for some people to consider it lucky.
"A couple of people come in here because of the ticket we sold a couple of years ago. I hope this place is lucky, I bought a ticket also," Sarah Newingham said. Newingham is a cashier at "Country-Mart."
"I hope it is lucky, I bought a couple of tickets," Jackson's Lewis Bunster said.