Mysterious Death

Mysterious Death
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO --Investigators say two cars travelling on Nash Road in Cape Girardeau County last night ran over the body of 42-year old Darnell Young; the panicked drivers then called police. Young worked at a lumberyard, just down the road from where his body was found.

Police don't suspect foul play, but family members say they have their suspicions, especially because they believe there is someone out there who might have some answers to their questions.

"He was a sweetheart.  He loved music," Dee Dee Bussell says the music in her life died when she found out her older brother, was dead.  "I would want to know why a 42 year old man would lay down in the middle of the road for no reason right near his job," she says.

That's what police want to know too. They say two drivers called investigators after they drove over Young's body on the middle of Nash Road.
"He was wearing dark clothing. There are no street lights out here, it's extremely dark, it's extremely hard to see," Sgt. Cody Fulkerson with the Missouri Highway Patrol says.

Something else puzzling, police say Young was supposed to have been working at Botkin Lumber, shortly before his body was discovered.  "His employers didn't tell us a whole lot other than he showed up to work stayed a little bit left came back a little later left again," Fulkerson says.

Young's sister also wants to talk to a woman she claims admitted to picking young up on the side of the road, when he left work. "She said she was the last person to see him alive, and I wanna know how she fits into the equation, why she was there," Bussell points out.

Sgt. Fulkerson doesn't know how, or even if the woman fits into the picture. His investigation continues.
Young's body is scheduled to be sent for an autopsy and police are also waiting to get the results of a toxicology exam.
If you saw anything suspicious, you think may help investigators, please call the police nearest you.