Kill Moved to St. Louis for More Tests

Kill Moved to St. Louis for More Tests
By: Carly O'Keefe

CARBONDALE, IL --Southern Illinois University Head Football Coach Jerry Kill was moved from Carbondale Memorial Hospital to a Saint Louis hospital Monday for further testing following an apparent seizure on the sidelines Saturday night. 
SIU officials say doctors still haven't released a timetable as to when Kill will be released or will be able to return to work. University Sports Media Coordinator Tom Weber stopped short of explaining the nature of the coach's condition. The university has released that the seizures are not related to epilepsy. Weber says the condition surfaces as a result of high-stress situations.
Saturday's episode was the second seizure Kill has suffered while coaching SIU Football. The first occurred in 2001 after the Saluki's played Missouri State. 
A weekend press release from the university quote Kill as saying that all tests have come back normal, and he's anxious to return to work.
After the 2001 seizure, Kill was back on the sidelines the following week. Saluki Defensive Coordinator Tracey Cleays is hopeful Coach Kill will be back on his feet by Saturday's game at Indiana State. Ultimately it's up to doctors to decide whether or not Kill will be able to coach by kick-off, but Weber says he has no reason to doubt that Kill will be back on the job very soon.