Heartland Prosecuting Attorney Returns From Afghanistan

Heartland Prosecuting Attorney Returns From Afghanistan
By:  Ryan Tate
Pulaski County, IL -- Pulaski County State's Attorney Grayson Gile spent nine months in Afghanistan with a "Special Operations" Unit. Now he is back home, working as the top lawyer in his Southern Illinois County.
"The two jobs are very similar, they just have different uniforms," Gile said. "In both I'm helping the people of the United States. In one, I'm in the military. The other I'm serving the people of Pulaski County as Prosecuting Attorney."
Gile cannot talk about his missions in Afghanistan, but he says people over there appreciate what the United States is doing," Gile said.
He says he is trying to catch up after spending nine months away from the job, but says his staff has got him up to speed. He also believes his time in Afghanistan changed his perspective about being State's Attorney.
"I get back here, and I hear a lot of excuses. And I don't think my tolerance and patience for those excuses will be what has been in the past," Gile says.