Farmington School Shooting Follow

Farmington School Shooting Follow
By:  CJ Cassidy

Farmington, MO -- New details involving 17-year-old Josh Minks.
He's the student "police say" opened fire inside Farmington High School Tuesday mornng.
No one was injured, and police say school leaders reacted quickly to get the gun away from minks.
Investigators also say Minks put on black clothes and a mask before he assembled the gun, which he brought to school in a duffel bag.
School leaders wouldn't let us inside, but say everything appeared back to normal Wednesday, one day after a shot gun blast caused an emergency evacuation.
"The teachers knew what to do, the kids knew what to do all of the stuff we set up a base where students were set up, with a sign out sheet because we had to account for every child," Debra Aubochon, Assistant Principal of Counseling Services says.
But everyone's focus remains on Josh Minks. Police say Minks brought a shotgun into school, and changed into black clothes and a mask before firing the gun in the restroom.
Police say Minks is a special services student dealing with mental problems.
A greataunt I spoke with says Minks is autistic and adds classmates often ridiculed him about his weight.
School leaders wouldn't comment. They say students in the special services program attend classes just like everyone else.
"Farmington High School as a group has special services students that run about 18 percent that's about three percent higher than the state average," Principal David Waters says.
Now as administrators work on getting through this tough time, they say they'll count on students and parents for their support.
"The best source of information for teachers and administrators, would be from the kids. They see things and hear things, and if they do hear something that sounds like it doesn't ring true, they need to go to a teacher or a counselor or their parents," Aubochon says.
Josh Minks is still being held in the St. Francois County jail. He faces four counts of felony assault, and one count of an unlawful use of a weapon.
He's expected to appear in court sometime next week.
School leaders also say they plan on talking about tightening security around the school, at a faculty meeting this Friday.
They also hope to speak with parents next Tuesday to get their ideas.