Bogus Letter and Checks Showing up in Mailboxes

Bogus Letters and Checks Showing up in Mailboxes
By: Holly Brantley

JACKSON, MO --Recently a woman from Jackson  received a bogus lottery letter. But, she was smart and called their bluff!  How did she know it was fake? It’s information she wants to share.

From the sound of the letter Dene Drury received she had struck it big. It came from a company called International Lottery Promotions. According to the letter, Dene just had to send in a clearance fee and the money would be hers.

"I've played bingo," said Drury. "I might win once or twice a year so this has to be too good to be true!"

Dene was suspicious, so she called a phone number listed on the letter.

"They said all I had to do was mail them a clearance fee, and I would get the money. I told them I didn't have the money to pay it. They said don't worry we'll send you a check to cover it and it won't cost you a thing."

A check came in the mail a few days later.

"The first thing I did was contact the Better Business Bureau and they told me to contact Phone Busters and they would verify it was a scam."

Drury says ‘Phone Busters’ told her this type of scam involving a letter and a phony lottery is circulating in Missouri. The company sends a check to cover clearance fees and that’s where they get you.

"He said get the word out because those people are going deposit those check," said Drury.  "It'll take three or four weeks maybe longer and people are going take their money and those checks won't be any good."

We also called the number on the letter for International Lottery Promotions this afternoon and only got an answering machine.

Drury says the next thing she plans to do is file a report for mail fraud at the post office.

If you think you might be the victim of a scam contact the Better Business Bureau.