Fire Fighting; Not a Routine Job

Firefightering; Not a Routine Job
By: Holly Brantley
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --You probably think firefighters are most at risk during large dramatic fires, but Cape Girardeau Fire Chief Rick Ennis, says statistics show firefighters and civilians are killed time and time again in single family homes.
Thanksfully, that did no happen during a fire Thursday on Dorthy Street in Cape Girardeau.

Investigators believe a candle started the fire. It happened just before eleven thusday night. A cat and a dog were killed in the fire. No people were injured, but came very close. Firemen call the blaze intense. And, some even say it was a close call. The scary moments were caused by a flash over.

Fire Chief Rick Ennis, says a flash over happens suddenly and quickly.
“A flash over is a sudden admission of the smoke and fire gas in the room,” said Ennis. “It engulfed the firefighters. For a few seconds. They were geared properly and they reacted the say they were trained to. The gear is designed to take that kind of abuse for 20 to 30 seconds. Had they been in there any l onger it would have actually degraded and fell apart and they would have been seriously injured.”
Scott City and Jackson fire teams were also called to help fight the blaze.