Scott City Squalor

Scott City Squalor
By:  CJ Cassidy

Scott City, MO -- Police tell us when people live in squalor, it often takes someone speaking up or something else happening before investigators realize what's going on.
That's what happened in Scott City.
Police say Carolann Edger turned in her own son, 19-year-old James Edger for allegedly raping a young girl
When investigators arrived at the Edger home, they realized something else was terribly wrong.
Police say the home was not fit for people or animals to live in.
So when prosecutors realized a small child lived there, they ended up charging Carolann Edger as well.
"The primary concern was there was no running water inside the house no refridgerator report of animal feces inside home," Sgt. Joey Hann with the Scott City Police Department says.
An officer who went in reports seeing "partially eaten food items, dirty cloths and dishes, mold and dirt".
Investigators also noted the child had "been sleeping on a splintered piece of wood attached to a toddler's plastic frame" and "had cuts on her back."
The officer also says fleas attacked her.
Police found out about the conditions quite by chance, when they went looking for the woman who turned her son in for allegedly raping a child.
"Anyone can take responsibility especially when we're talking about children or the elderly mandatory reporters such as teachers nurses police we're first contact we look for signs like this," Hann says.
This is the third unsafe house police have found in our region in less than two months.
You may recall, in Perryville, MO, a four year old boy died following a severe staph infection.
In Cape Girardeau, a couple faces child endangerment charges after authorities found them in a filthy home with six kids.
Most people we talked to say they would turn someone in if they knew them to be living in unsafe conditions. One woman even admitted it took someone turning her in... to help get her life back on track.
"I have three kids pretty bad and messy toys everywhere dirty diapers had to work my butt off to get everything cleaned up" Cora Hall admits.
Police say they depend on you to call if you know of anyone living in unsafe conditions.
Meanwhile James Edger faces statutory rape charges and his mother faces charges for endangering the welfare of a child.