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Does it Work: Workweek 'Hairathon'

We've had dozens of e-mails, piles of phone calls, and people just stopping us on the streets. Everyone wants Amy Jacquin to put the same thing to the test: those hair removal products. So, we're going to. We're taking 5 of the most-popular hair-removal products, to try them before you buy them. It's the Heartland News 'Does it Work Workweek Hairathon.'

  • Hair-Off Mitten

    It promises to quickly & easily remove hair from legs with no stubble, nicks, or chemicals. But will it work, or just shave a few dollars off your budget?
  • Hair Off Facial Buffer

    Would you be brave enough to rub an emory board on your face to remove unwanted hair? You don't have to, because we did it for you.
  • Nad's No Heat Hair-Removal Gel

    A new gel product called Nads claims to be an easy alternative to using hot wax to remove hair. But, will it just leave you pulling out your hair?
  • Epil Stop & Spray

    It's a 6 in 1 hair removal system, just spray & wipe away. But, will it leave you wiping away the tears?
  • Nair Roll-On Hair Remover

    Will it be hair today, gone tomorrow? Or, will Nair fail the Does it Work test?
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