Vandals Smash 150 year old Gravestones

Vandals Smash 150 year old Gravestones
By:  Arnold Wyrick
Carmi, IL -- The Old Cemetery in Carmi was established back in 1858. Some of the people buried there are pioneers of Southern Illinois, Civil War, and Revolutionary War soldiers. But now many of their headstones lay smashed on the ground after vandals target the graveyard for the second time in two weeks.
"It's a hard thing to see when you come to work. The first thing that goes through your mind is you get a little angry. And if it's kids, then kids will be kids. But this is something that goes a little past vandalism, this should be sacred," says Caretaker Danny Satterfield.
Now he and the rest of the cemetery board are faced with trying to repair or replace dozens of headstones dating back to the early 1800's.
"Hopefully we can set them back up and get some of them fixed. And get them back to where they look close to what they were. But they'll never be the same," Satterfield said.
The Carmi Township does have some insurance to cover damage in the cemetery. But it won't be near enough to cover all the damage left behind by this most vandalism. And tracking down surviving family members won't be an easy task.
"Almost impossible as you can see there are no flowers and things in here. There's not many people left that are descendents of these people," Satterfield said.
If you have any information about the vandalism in The Old Cemetery in Carmi, please call the Carmi Police Department 618-382-4633.