New Food Pyramid for Kids

New Food Pyramid for Kids
By: Wendy Ray

The food guide pyramid can sometimes get a little confusing for adults to follow, so imagine what it's like for kids to understand. Well that's not going to be a problem anymore. The USDA has released the first ever food pyramid specifically designed for kids. We went to Alma Schrader Elementary in Cap Girardeau Thursday to see what students there think about it.

Nine year old Brook Strop is finding the right fuel to launch her rocket. The fuel is food and Brook has to make healthy food choices for her rocket to reach "Planet Power." It's all part of the "My Pyramid Blast Off" game, part of the USDA's new food pyramid for kids. The game is a big hit among fourth grade students at Alma Schrader. "It's helping me more because there are different food groups you may not know and it tells me which groups they're in," Brook says. "I think the game teaches you a lot about the food guide pyramid," student Tyler Myers says. Student Brittany Beard says, "It makes learning fun."

CDC researchers hope it's a hit with all kids. They estimate more than nine million children between the ages of 6 and 19 are overweight. This new pyramid for kids was put out to address that problem. "Who can give me some examples of what we would find in the food guide pyramid," teacher Kelly Suhre asks her class. Suhre says her students always like learning about the food pyramid. She plans on adding this new interactive pyramid into her lesson plan. "Some kids are visual learners and they do need to see things on paper, as long as we incorporate with all the different angles. We use things on the computer and we use things in the book," Suhre says.

Click to find the "My Pyramid Blast Off" game.