Pet Hurricane Evacuees Now Up for Adoption

Pet Hurricane Evacuees Now Up for Adoption
By: Lauren Keith

Cape Girardeau, MO -- During Hurricane Katrina, families were forced to leave their homes, and even their pets.  Plus, dogs and cats weren't allowed in places like the Superdome.  As you can imagine, thousands of pets now need good homes, but you may be able to help without even leaving the Heartland!   Nineteen “furry” evacuees just got intoCape Girardeau from New Orleans, and they each have their own story to tell from their journeys.

"We have labs, heelers, boxers-- you name it!  We have almost anything a person wants!" says Cheryle Dillon with the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.

Before the 19 dogs from New Orleans got here, the shelter already had more than 30 other dogs.

"We are full.  We want people to come in, look at 'em, love 'em and take 'em home!" said Cheryle.

Volunteers also want each of the “Katrina dogs” to go to an extra-loving home.  Janet Guentle knows that firsthand--- she drove to New Orleans to pick up the dogs. She says they might need more nurturing, especially after losing their owners and Louisiana homes.

"They've lost everything," says Guentle.

Just like everybody has a story, each dog does, too. Take for instance, Penny the dog. Penny didn't exactly want to come to the Heartland.  When rescue workers found her, she was right beside her owner, who had passed away!  Penny didn't want to leave her owner's side, but with a little coaxing, she's now in southeast Missouri and needs a good home.  Still, these furry faces are hard to resist, but the Humane society doesn't want you to take one home, just because it's a hurricane victim.  They'd prefer new pet owners be just like Traci Perry. She was looking for a dog, beforehand, and thinks adoption is her way of helping out.

"If I could I would be down there, working and cleaning up, doing anything I could to help, and we just all need to pull together in whatever way we can," said Traci.

If you'd like to adopt any dog from the Cape shelter, it will be open until seven on Thursday night.

Also, each of the 19 Katrina dogs will be re-vaccinated and de-wormed, since shelter workers are having a hard time relocating their medical records.