Sex Offenders' Photographs Online

Sex Offenders' Photographs Online
By CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO -- The same law that allows police across Missouri to post sex offenders' photographs online, now also forces them to do something else.

Police must now take down all the pictures of offenders who committed violent acts against children, who were previously listed on the same sites.

Police aren't happy. They say it just doesn't make sense to change what's already in place, but one violent offender says his photograph should never have been on that website to begin with.

41-year-old Todd Ice lives quietly in a Cape Girardeau assisted living facility.  But that's not why you would know him.  Back in 1978, Ice brutally killed a seven-year-old Kentucky girl.

Ice's crime made national headlines, and until recently, you could find his picture and address listed along side sex offenders on the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department's website.  "I feel its unjust. To begin with I've never been a sex offender," Ice tells Heartland News, adding he thinks people should give him a second chance.

"I think I deserve one; I've accomplished a great deal since 1978," he says.

Lt. David James makes the adjustments needed to obey the new sex offender law, taking off the criminals whose cases were not sex-related.

As he worked, he offered up this insight.  "The law that's been created now to separate sex offenders from offenders who committed crimes against children doesn't make much sense," he says.

Marsha Clark, had no idea she lived across from a convicted child killer.  She says she can't imagine why anyone would want that kind of information taken off a public website.  "He was convicted of manslaughter, and if he's not medicated he could be dangerous so whole neighborhood should be aware," she says.  

Todd Ice understands why people would want to know who he is. But while he can't speak for everyone, he's glad he can look ahead to living a somewhat normal life, knowing his photograph will soon disappear from the site. 

Missouri residents can still pick up a list of all offenders from sheriff's departments, but again, you won't be able to see those photographs attached with them.

Police say, if you want to make a change call your local representative and speak up!!