Van Buren, MO man is nearly ready to move back into home after 2017 flooding

VAN BUREN, MO (KFVS) - Signs of success are showing up in Carter County, Missouri after homes in the area were wiped out during last year's flood.

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Robbie Williams has lived in Van Buren his whole life. The water line was more than three feet high inside his home during the flood.

With the help of volunteers and donations, Williams has been able to slowly replace the floors, walls, and electricity and is now starting to move furniture back inside.

Williams said that he has slept inside his damaged home several times  but has had many other places to stay over the last year.

"Lot's of friends and family have helped me with a place to stay," said Williams. "One gentleman set up a camper at my shop last year. Stayed there most of the summer until it got to cold. Things went a little slower than I thought. I thought I would have already been back in here, but it's close. It's real close. Another week or two and I'll be living here."

The last things on his to-do-list is to fix the air conditioning.

Williams says three other families he knows have also moved back into their repaired house, within the last month.

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