City of Harrisburg, IL removing rundown homes

Houses being demolished in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - The City of Harrisburg, Illinois is attempting to remove run down and dilapidated homes in the area.

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The city has received the deeds or taken possession of 9 homes.  The city has completed demolition on six of the properties and will work on two more homes on Friday on Ford Street.

The city will clean up the lots once the homes are torn down and then take bids from the public on the property. They have a fund set up that any of the money received will go back into demolition projects.

Harrisburg Mayor John McPeek said that many of the homes have become run down because of many people moving away from Illinois and younger generations not looking to buy homes.

McPeek said that they hope that this step will help improve the property value of the surrounding homes and make Harrisburg safer.

"You know you'll have kids run in or you may have drug activity in the house and getting rid of that property is one way to deter those people from getting into those homes and doing illegal activity or going in there and tearing stuff up or getting hurt," said McPeek.

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