Man hits girlfriend with cooking pan, threatens with machete in Martin, TN

A man has been arrested after police in Martin, Tennessee said he threatened his girlfriend with a machete and bit her.

Lawrence Rodriguez, 49, was charged with aggravated domestic assault due to the domestic relationship.

Police officers said they were called out to Elm Street on Saturday, July 7 in reference to a physical domestic dispute.

Police said when they arrived at 11:15 p.m. Ptl. Combs made contact with Edna Shepard who said Rodriguez came home intoxicated and started an argument.

During the argument, Shepard said to police that Rodriguez attacked her and she tried to push him away. Combs said Rodriguez pushed Shepard down and attempted to punch her in the face and cut his hand on the tile floor.

Combs said he saw a cut on Rodriguez's left hand and blood on the kitchen floor. Combs said Shepard also said Rodrigues hit her on the head with a cooking pan, hit her in the mouth, bit her right thumb and threatened her with a makeshift machete.

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Combs said he saw a lump above Shepard's right eye that was swelling as well as her lip which was busted open and swelling. Shepard also had a deep laceration on her right thumb with obvious teeth marks. Combs said he found the makeshift machete on the front porch.

Rodriguez told Combs that Shepard accused him of cheating and attacked him. He said during their argument Shepard hit him several times. Combs said there were no obvious signs of swelling or being hit on Rodriguez.

Combs found Rodriguez to be the primary aggressor during the argument and has been charged due to the domestic relationship, deep lacerations on Shepard's thumb and the use of a cooking pan and threat with the makeshift machete during the argument.

Rodriguez was arrested and taken to the Martin Police Department for booking.

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