Rescued Dogs and Horses

Rescued Dogs and Horses
By: Arnold Wyrick

To look at the 15 dogs rescued from Bobby Sivia's property in rural Union County one might think they were being abused.  But it turns out that's really not the case. "Mr. Sivia for all intensive purposes does love animals.  And never said no and took them home.  Unfortunately it got away from him.  But we don't feel there was any ill intent on his part," says Union County Animal Control Officer Donna Hawk.

But what Hawk and investigators do want to know is how two of the fifteen dogs Sivia had on his property were stolen. "We did find that we has in possession of this animal who's owner is in Pascola, Missouri.  The dog was given to Mr. Sivia," Officer Hawk said.

She points out that many of the dogs wearing tags when they were rescued had been given to Sivia. "The animals that were in his possession with tags were given to him.  These were people that no longer wanted their animal.  And was giving them to somebody that they thought was a good farm home," Hawk said.

While the investigation into how the stolen dogs ended up on the Sivia farm, police have identifed at least two suspects who they say stole the dogs and passed them on to Sivia.

Officer Hawk is now focusing on finding all the rescued dogs new homes. "So the ones that are adoptable that are good natured we are going to work with, provide medical care and try to find them, or get them into rescue," Hawk said.

Sivia will get back his coon dog and 3 horses after they're checked out by a veterinarian.  And some folks from Union County plan to clean out their stalls and put up a new fence for him this weekend.