Keeping your dogs calm during fireworks

Keeping your dogs calm during fireworks
A 28-year-old woman who was seriously burned in an explosion at a southwest Missouri pyrotechnics company has died. (Source: KFVS)

(KFVS) - Every year on July 4, many pet owners go through the stress of their dog running away because they get scared of the loud noises created by fireworks.

Here are some tips from Dr. Kay Creese, a veterinarian at St. Francis C.A.R.E. on keeping the family dog safe this Independence Day.

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  • First and foremost, make sure your dog has a microchip just in case they do run away so they can be found easily through animal services
  • If you're going away from home for a fireworks display, leave your dog at home. It's just safer for them there.
  • If you do want to take your dog out at home while there's a party, put a leash on them.
  • A lot of dogs like the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket or a dog sweater. She says the feeling calms down a lot of dogs who are nervous around loud noises.
  • If your dog is part of the party, make sure they stay a safe distance away from the fireworks once they start. If your dog starts chasing them, they can get badly hurt.

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