New Chief of Police for Cape Girardeau

New Chief of Police for Cape Girardeau
By: Ryan Tate
Cape Girardeau Police Chief Steve Strong wants to enjoy retirement. He wants to work on his family farm and ride his two motorcycles. That means, he is done as Chief.

Strong decided to retire as Cape Girardeau Police Chief, after spending four years on the job and twenty-nine years with the Department."For more than twenty-nine years I've spent more time here than at home," Chief Strong said.

Taking his place is Captain Carl Kinnison. Kinnison has spent most of his life with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. He has been "hanging around" the department, as he describes, since he was fifteen years old.
"I'm honored to accept the position," Capt. Kinnison said. He says there are things he wants to take care of as Chief.
"I won't be happy unless we have new radios. New cars. We've just purchased new handguns," Kinnison said. He also echoes Chief Strong's contention that more police officers would help. During the day, the Police Department estimates Cape Girardeau's Population swells from 37,000 to between 68,000 and 100,000 people.
"The need for people is something that's going to occur shortly," Chief Strong said.
"We certainly have to look at those issues and be able to police them. It's something that has to be analyzed and looked at in the near future," Capt. Kinnison said.
Capt. Kinnison takes over October 14th. Chief Strong says he has no regrets in joining law enforcement. He will spend the first days of retirement travelling.