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Farmington Racist Attack

Farmington Racist Attack
By: CJ Cassidy

Police in Farmington call it a rare, yet very disturbing case: a violent fight between whites and blacks.

It happened early Saturday morning, when officers say three white males attacked a young black man at a trailer park in Farmington.

Witnesses say several other black men then jumped to their friend's defense, and it ended with one of the white men severely injured.

They claim 19-year-old Rick McMillan was caught in the middle of someone else's fight and ended up becoming the victim.

Police say McMillan and his friends may have sent off wrong signals.

McMillan doesn't remember much, so his mother, "Roberta" who asked to stay anonymous, filled us in on what witnesses saw when a group of black men began beating up her son.

"She said there were like 18 or 20 of them that was on Ricky and put his head against the car, slammed his head into the car were stomping on him and had a rope around his neck," Roberta says.

Investigators say all three white men had swastika's tattooed on their chests.

McMillan says he isn't a skinhead, but claims people shouldn't judge him based on his beliefs.

"I guess you could say I believe in a superior race, I'm somewhat into that not just whites being the best race but kind of what I'm saying is hating all other races but yourself," McMillan says.

Roberta appeared stunned by this statement, and says "I'm totally shocked; his grandpa's Mexican, that's why I'm shocked," she says.

"A very large number of citizens of Farmington don't have a problem with this so I am disappointed," Chief Rick Baker says.

And while police say they're working around the clock to figure out exactly what happened at the trailer park, McMillan's mother says she just wants some justice for her son.

"It doesn't matter which way you look at it he didn't deserve for them to knock him unconscious," she says.

Police say some other people were also injured during the attack but not as badly as McMillan.

They say charges are pending against several individuals involved in the fight.

Investigators ask you to call the Farmington Police Department if you have any information that might help.

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