2nd Carbondale church to install solar panels

2nd Carbondale church to install solar panels
The second church in Carbondale, Ill. will install solar panels. (Source: Stock image/Pixabay)

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A Carbondale, Illinois church will begin the process of installing solar panels on its roof on Monday, June 25.

First Christian Church says it is the second church in Carbondale, after the Church of the Good Shepherd, to install solar panels.

Church of the Good Shepherd installed solar panels on its roof in February. Members of the First Christian Church joined them in celebrating and say they look forward to being next.

The congregation voted unanimously to install solar panels. There was also a short Capital Campaign to help with the cost of the installation.

According to the church, the installation will take at least five days. They say the panels are expected to provide nearly 100 percent of their electric needs. By way of the electric utility savings and the credits they earn from the state's Solar Renewable Energy Credit program, the church expects to recover the cost of the installation within five years.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was founded in Carbondale in 1862 at a meeting in a granary building that was located where the current Carbondale Pavilion stands at E. Main and N. Illinois Ave. According to a press release from the church, it received electricity in 1891 and presented the first motion picture shown in Carbondale in 1896.

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