Katrina Evacuees Make New Homes

Kennett Evacuees Make New Homes
By: Holly Brantley
KENNETT, MO --Just last week Kennett’s Camp McClanahan welcomed more than 200 hurricane evacuees with open arms. Since then, several of those families decided to make a more permanent home in the Heartland. Seven families are settling into new homes in the Kennett are.

Raneeka Marsh and her family are among those packing up. She's moving into a new apartment.

The Department of Rural Development and MACO Management are making it possible for Raneeka and other Evacuees to find more permanent housing.

"I'm scared to even sleep by myself the first night, but I'll be alright. I'm just ready to move in and get everything set like I want it, said Raneeka.

Raneeka says she and her family miss their home in New Orleans, but her Children are scared of another hurricane. And, they are ready to find a new place.

“I told them all they have to worry about are earthquakes,” she laughs.

The MACO Management Team helped Raneeka with every step of the moving process.

"This is a special thing, " says Francis Maddox of MACO Management. "All the people in our office were excited about wanting to help them and they've collected clothes and furniture and just different things to help them through their time of need. "

The MACO Management Team hopes to get more families settled in the days to come.

"We're filling up the units with people as soon as the applications are completed," says Maddox.

The program pays utilities and rental assistance for up to six months.

The department of Rural Development and MACO Management are already processing more applications.

They are relocating evacuees to other cities in Southeast Missouri, the Heartland, and across the country.