Tips to keep dad healthy after Father's Day

(KFVS) - Father's day is a day where we honor all the father's in our life.

The holiday is also a reminder of how important men's health is all year long.

Men's personal health issues cost $100,000,000 annually, according to the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention.

To help avoid health issues, dad can do some things on his end.

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Some things your father can do on his end is reduced risk.

According to Harvard Health, men are more likely to become addicted to cigarettes, more likely to binge drink and become addicted to drugs than women.

Additionally, your dad should take his mental health seriously.

According to the American Psychological Association, when it comes to mental health, men may not even realize they may have something like depression.

Some men may feel it is inappropriate to share their feelings with another person because of social conditioning.

If that is the case, experts suggest trying telemedicine. They add a virtual visit with a mental health professional can be similar to seeing someone in person.

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