Solar job training program in Marion, IL

Solar job training program in Marion, IL

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Marion residents are getting some hands-on experience in solar energy.

Elevate energy, alongside partners, launch a solar job training program under the Illinois Future Energy Jobs Training Act.

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In the program, 10 trainees from Lutheran Social Services learn how to install solar panels, but also learn more about energy solutions of tomorrow...

"Also give them a background as to all the different types of energy sources," said Anna Bautista of Solar Energy Training. Because a lot of folks come from a background of working in the coal industry. So, you know, how does that identity as an energy worker - how can we expand that to evolving to include all the clean energy technologies."

One of the partners for the training program is Habitat for Humanity in Williamson County. Trainees and instructors say they finished installation a day ahead of schedule.

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