Benton, MO blind girl reaches goal to get special glasses to see

Benton, MO blind girl reaches goal to get special glasses to see

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - A worldwide campaign called #TogetherWeSee is working to help raise money so 13 legally blind children can see for the first time with eSight glasses.

Eight-year-old Jewell Magee is from Benton, Missouri and she was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia which has left her legally blind.

With help from the community, she now will get the gift of sight with electronic glasses. The company, eSight, has called and asked where to send the glasses.

Jewell's mom, Heather Magee, said they have to help Jewell do everything, that's why she looked up eSight a company that helps the visually impaired see with special glasses.

At a luncheon on Wednesday, June 20, the Cape Girardeau Noon Lions Club members watched the video about Jewell and afterward pledged to give $4,000 towards the purchase of the special glasses for her.

Between Lion's Club, and family donations, Jewell has enough money to get the glasses as of June 21.

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"It went from there, we went to Nashville, Tennessee, we tried them on and she really likes them," said Heather.

Her mom said Jewell's reaction to the glasses was emotional because she's never seen before, but they couldn't bring the glasses home.

"There's no way that we can financially do this ourselves," said Heather.

But, because of the generosity of a14-year-old boy, Joel Gomez, Jewell might be able to get the glasses after all.

Gomez benefits from the glasses himself so he started the #TogetherWeSee movement in hopes of raising $130,000 to help 13 legally blind children get eSight and see their loved ones by Father's Day, Jewell is one of them.

"We are so lucky that she was selected to be one of them," said Heather.

#TogetherWeSee has a GoFundMe page set up and Jewell has her own personal fundraising page.

"I'm not going to give up until she gets these glasses because if there is anything that I want to do in this world it's to help my daughter see," said Heather, "it's gonna be a great experience to see her run, to see her play, to watch TV she talks about the news all the time to see her watch the news .. it would be a wonderful, wonderful experience to see her play and enjoy life like all the other kids."

The campaign ended on Father's Day, June 17, 2018, and even if they don't reach the $130,000 whatever money is raised will be divided among the 13 kids to go towards their eSight glasses.

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