Jackson, MO residents concerned after apartment construction allowed to continue

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - A new 26-unit apartment building is coming to Jackson, Mo. following a vote made by the Board of Aldermen at their meeting on June 4.

That vote has some neighbors around the area upset.

At the corner of Farmington Road and Broadridge Drive in Jackson is a plot of land in a field across from the middle school that is the cause of the problems.

Increased traffic next to the school is one of the concerns people have about the project. As well as, concern with property values in the area decreasing as the number of multi-family homes increase and feel that the city changed codes the wrong way 9 years ago.

The city says that they went about it in the right way but those near this particular spot of land didn't know about the change for years and wished it could have been changed back.

"We were unaware that there had been any addition of residential uses until November or December when they posted a sign for a public hearing for a special use permit for that remaining parcel of land," said Linda Gast a concerned neighbor.

With the failed vote, on June 4, the code will remain the same and the apartment building is allowed to be built on the land.

The zoning code that was up for a vote also affects three other spots in Jackson; four addresses on Gerald St., 701 E. Main, and 1109 Kimbel Ln.

Some said that now they'll wait and see what happens and try to find another course of action later down the road.

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