Perry County Days benefit in Tamaroa, IL

Perry County Days benefit in Tamaroa, IL

TAMAROA, IL (KFVS) - The Redhawk Golf and Grill in Tamaroa IL  is gearing up for a bicentennial celebration on June 2, where they will have a golf tournament, a fishing tournament for kids, and cornhole tournament. Also, there will be a dinner along with games that they played over two hundred years ago like hopscotch.

The bicentennial event is called Perry County Days. Proceeds that are raised from the entry fee's for the tournaments will be donated this year to NubAbility Athletics, a Perry County program that is dedicated to coaching children with limb loss in sports programs.

They are hoping to make this a yearly event with money going to a different organization each year. Dan Breslin who along with Dale Spencer started planning the event several months back and with the help of the Perry County Commissioner to get it recognized by the state as an official event.

Breslin says this is more than just a celebration of Illinois history, but also an opportunity for the community to come together.

"It also gives you a collective brotherhood or fellowship with your other citizens, there is a lot of conflicts happening throughout the world today and especially in the United States, with the blue states and the red states it just seems like this is something that brings us together like it used to in the old days," Breslin said.

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