Mississippi River towboat pilot captures what appears to be tornado on video

(KFVS) - An unconfirmed tornado was caught on video crossing the Mississippi River on Thursday evening, May 31.

Kyle Pfenning, a towboat pilot, took the video as it crossed near mile 63 on the river, about 10 miles upriver from Cape Girardeau, between there and Grand Tower. He posted it on his YouTube page (WARNING: the video does contain strong language).

Parts of southern Illinois and southeast Missouri experienced severe weather. There was what appeared to be tornadoes in Union County, Illinois and Cape Girardeau, Missouri around 7:50 p.m. As of Friday morning, the National Weather Service had not confirmed those tornadoes.

According to the Cape Girardeau County EMA, there were lots of reports of funnel clouds and signs of damage in Trail of Tears State Park.

There were numerous reports of damage throughout southern Illinois, along with power outages, flash flooding and hail.

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